Nigeria has the biggest mobile market in Africa with 153.3 million subscribers in September 2017. National Bureau of Statistics show that the sector contributed 7.5% or approximately US$6,547.16m to the Nigerian economy in the third quarter of 2017. Broadband penetration increased from 10% in 2015 to nearly 14% in 2017, and is expected to grow to 30% by the coming year and increases as the years go by as the country's National Broadband Plan is on the way to be implemented according to schedule. 

The number of active mobile Internet users in Nigeria has finally increased from its earlier position to reach a record 100.3 million, the highest threshold ever seen in the history of telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The data obtained by New Telegraph showed that across the four major global system for mobile communications (GSM) players, including MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile, aggregate active Internet users grew from 98.3 million at the end of December, 2017 to reach 100.2 million at the end of January this year.

The mobile sector has benefited from market competition and the wider deployment of LTE technologies, which have in turn supported operator revenue growth and encouraged the adoption of mobile broadband among subscribers. Other than the key mobile network operators, there are a number of additional players operating under a unified licensing regime. The regulator has licensed four regional infrastructure companies (InfraCos) to build a national broadband network and offer capacity to all service providers on a non-discriminatory, open-access and price-regulated basis.

Daily Trust Newspaper Publication of September 1, 2017 reported that Nigerians spend N197b monthly on data. Nigeria is a huge market because her citizen are heavy users of the internet.

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